Version 0.2 - Huge Content Update

A new update of Mystiqa is released! It includes a ton of new features, including multiplayer, procedural item generation, towns with shops and inns, more complex dungeons and much more!

Here is the full changeloge:

Version 0.2: (19/10/2019)
- Added identifiable items
- Added new icons to quest display
- Added materials
- Added burnable property for equipment
- Improved room layout and connection diversity
- Added remappable controls
- Added map
- Added levels (indicated by +)
- Added floors
- Added tower dungeon (multi-floor dungeon)
- Added scrolls
- Added scroll of identification
- Added scroll of magic mapping
- Added scroll of homing flames
- Added scroll of fireball
- Added scroll of inferno
- Increase player speed on world map
- Fixed room tile borders not aligning
- Greatly improve font readability
- Added equipment modifiers to item generation
- Added torch
- Improved night visuals
- Added orcish metal
- Added more complex dungeon quests
- Improved chest content generation
- Added humanoid races
- Added shops and inns to villages
- Added stamina cost to weapons
- Added scroll of uncurse
- A lot of bug fixes
- Made items pickupable by all players
- Made items droppable
- Added activatable warp points to dungeons


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Oct 19, 2019

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